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What Makes Us Extreme!

Like many businesses, Extreme Catering was born years ago as a hobby and opportunity to pass time with family and friends. Cory's cooking experiences actually began many years ago. Although not old enough to reach the stove as a young child, having grown up in a family of 8 and relatives by the dozens, cooking was always an event wherever he was present. From seafood frying to bar-b-ques or just anything that found its' way into a pot, Cory was not only interested in cooking, he was interested in making it taste better.

The long family traditions of holidays and outdoor events, sometimes involving 50 relative and friends, would soon become stepping-stones to MASS COOKING that TASTED GREAT!! As years went on, the cooking for large groups proved to be a great distraction for Cory. From simple crawfish boiling to outdoor events, wanting to please everyone in attendance was always the challenge. Wanting to out-perform the "other guy" proved to be his toughest challenge yet greatest reward. It now seemed all of his simple recipes began with "use 10 gallon pot, serves 50".


The idea of catering began to set in when Cory would address issues of "making things look pretty". He has the knack for seasonal decor and its placement. Cory Spends many hours researching products that will "liven' up the party".

Being very particular and paying close attention to detail, the needs and wants of others would soon come into play. Cory has the ability to visualize any theme and put a plan into action. As time went on, Cory put these talents to work, combined with an outstanding catering staff, their talents together, creates an awesome catering experience. Very soon afterward, people began saying, "you guys are so extreme!” The name "Extreme Catering" was adopted and we have never looked back.

Extreme Catering has developed from a single black iron pot and decorative tablecloths to a company with a mobile kitchen and bar-b-que trailer. A mobile crawfish boiling unit is also in used during the season as well as a host of other equipment. All of these items allow us to arrive on on location site and prepare a full-catered event with some of the best traditional Louisiana Cuisine. Having grown up and resided in Louisiana, Extreme Catering makes every effort to use authentic Louisiana products first in each and every food item.

EXTREME CATERING truly goes above and beyond the client's expectations, all the while, putting the host of the event at the center of attention. Contact Extreme Catering and let us you plan your next event. You will be suprised at how affordable it really is. You will be amazed by the quality of food, excited about presentation and overwhelmed with customer satisfaction. You too will be saying, "You Guys Are Extreme”!

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